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With large fields of vehicles and teams winning races by only seconds. Racing is more competitive than ever. Don't get left behind because of a slow tire change or getting stuck in the sand.

Hydraulically powered by your vehicle's power steering circuit, the AGM Jacking system can lift a vehicle off the ground in seconds. Allowing your team's navigator to consistently perform one person tire changes in less than 90 seconds. So fast that the driver can stay belted in his seat, comfortable and focused on the race as he/she should be.

The lightweight Aluminum housings keep weight low (just 22-26lbs per Jack), while the 2" center-less ground steel shafts ensure that the Jacks have the strength to handle most any lift without the fear of bending. This combination ensures your system performs well every time while adding less weight to the vehicle than a standard floor jack. 

And when both Dakar jacks are used simultaneously you can lift the rear of the vehicle off the ground allowing you to service your vehicle or even get it unstuck in the sand.

Race with confidence, knowing you can handle flats and soft sand with ease. 


Systems includes: 1 Control Manifold, 2 Jacks, 1 Hydraulic Line Kit, 2 Service Wrenches (2" & 2 3/4"), 2 Upper Chassis Mounts (standard or lightweight) and Mounting Hardware.

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