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Sold as one. Anti Wobble prevents your trailing arm from over rotating and breaking the shock eyes. They are the perfect joint for trailing arms that will come into contact with obstacles - ie: rocks, trees or other debris commonly encountered in an Ultra4 race buggy or rock bouncer.

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  • 1 x weldable housing
  • 2 x delrin bearings
  • 2 x stainless steel misalignment spacers
  • 1 x Spirolox retaining ring - offers 360 degree engagement and will not cause interference like cheaper snap rings with large "ears" 
  • 1 x 1" bore heat treated stainless steel uniball (static load rating 90 000LB)

    4" mounting width is recommended when building custom chassis side mounts. The additional width aids in running a larger tube or fabricated trailing arm.

Anti Wobble's are also referred to as a wobble stopper or wobble stopper uniball for trailing arms.

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